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M1 from Norway
Thompson Shooting Tracers
Close up of Right Side Receiver
Top of NAC 45 Thompson
NAC 45 Right Side Full Gun
NAC 45 Right Angle
NAC 45 Right Side Receiver
NAC 45 Left Rear Receiver
NAC 45 Left Side
NAC 45 Left Receiver
1928 West Hurley and a West Hurley "L" Drum
John Dillinger's Grave site
Viet Nam Captured M1 Thompson
My Grandson Sam & the WWII M1 Thompson
Bob Fires my new M1
1921 Colt in Mint condition
1921 Colt Thompson with original drum & FBI case
1928 Thompson in Marine Display
Take That You Dirty Rats!
Me Firing My 1928
My Two Thompson's
West Hurley 1928 Thompson
My Favorite Links
me & my '28
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New Videos & Photos
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2003 Thompson Collectors Show
Colt 1921 Thompson
The Working Man
Need I Say More?
My Grandson Sam & Grandpa's Toys
The Bad Boyz Toyz
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This mint condition 1921 Colt Thompson was just purchased for $13,000 with original drum and FBI case. I won't tell you where or who, but it is very nice and purchased from the 2nd owner, a very elderly gentleman.
Chris & Bob @ the Jungle Walk of Knob Creek
Me & Junglewalk @ Knob Creek
Tino @ the Jungle Walk of Knob Creek
4 original "Irish swords" in museum quality shape
1921 Colt Thompson used by the Irish
Original irish sword 1921 Colt Thompson
4 1921 colt "Irish swords"
The "Irish Sword" Thompson's
A unique photo of four "Irish Swords" all Brothers in Arms.
Serial numbers are, from front to back, 708, 586,389 & 993.
Note the "first 1000" Aut-ord-Co bullet logo on the top of the receivers.
This little history was written by Theodore Eickhoff about his experience with John Thompson and developing the Thompson sub machine gun. This is copied word for word from a personal typed letter by Mr. Eickhoff to his family. I have a original copy of this given to me by a friend of the Eickhoff family. I have it locked away in museum grade archive sleeves in a safe.
Custom Engraved Thompson Sub Machine Gun
NAC Gun #45. Absolutely Beautiful!
NAC Thompson Sub Machine Gun #45    Awesome! Guns' Original Cost was $300
2007 TCA Photos
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1928 Savage w/ drums
Thompson book collection and guns
clear skies and a Thompson
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For great information on gangster history.
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John T. Thompson
John T. Thompson
The John Dillinger Thompson. Thompsn Sub-Machine gun #7387 was stolen by John H. Dillnger jr. while making his famous escape with a wooden pistol from the Crown Point Indiana jail. In the process, John stole two Thompsons from the jail armory. This gun is in the famous photo of John with this Thompson and wooden pistol taken at the family reunion in Mooresville Indiana. This is proven from ballistics and the fact that this gun has the Cutts Compensator and the other gun stolen, did not.
Me with Dillinger's Thompson
CJ & the JD gun
Sheriff Lain signs my target
JM & the JD gun
Me firing the JD gun
the gun
Brazilian Thompson
1 Thompson from Brazil, S.A.
Great Carry Case
Girl, Thompson, Corvette
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