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Right Side Upper
Me & a MG 42
The beltfeds are comin'!
Right Side m1 Thompson
My New M1in Action Again
Home Protection
FJA- GEG inspection stamps
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My Display at the TCA Show & Shoot
Iowa City 1921 Colt Thompson
2003 SAR show in Phoenix
Murray & Merle at SAR 2003
Murray & Me @ SAR 2003
2 Thompson's & 7 drums
Wall of Thompson's in New Zealand
30 down range
semi auto targeting
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I meet R. Lee Ermey at a show. What a great man.
R. Lee found out I was in the Air Force. He took it well
My Buddies, R.Lee Ermey, Sean & Henry
The Guns of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre of Thursday
February 14, 1929
carry case and drum taken from killers room
1921 Thompson and 50 round drum used in the murders
Police used acid to raise the numbers ground off by the killers
#7347 Thompson used in the murders
This is some of the work by Paul Krogh in Colorado. This is a new semi auto gun with comp. pinned back and longer forearm by Dan Laura.
Contact Paul @
Diamond K/Paul Krogh **Remove NO SPAM
1390 East 7th Street
Delta, CO 81416
all these people throwing stuff at us!
ok, ok I'll marry the girl!
look honey, I just stole this for you
Gangster Wedding!
The Working Man
PK the Man
Now I need a clip
Future Marine?
Jerry & the MG42 Fun
Can I have a clip now?
1928 & M1 Thompson's
German MG42 & Browning 1919
Brass in the Air!
1919A4 & MG 42
CJ & the MG42
Chris fires the MG42
Putch & the Grease Gun
Me & Colt M16 A1
Going to's a bad neighborhood
Looking for trouble
We rob banks for a livin'
Left side Thompson pair. Wood by Dan and gun work by PK.
Right side Thompson's worked on by Dan and PK.
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Karl & the M1
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Larry B
Mike R
David A
Jerry A
1928 West Hurley w/ .22 kit
JT firing the 22 kit in the WH 28
tailgate of Thompson's and a AK
Uzi w/ .22 kit from JA Ciener
Cool Picture
These parody's should not be taken seriously or viewed by ANYONE under 18. Parents be warned! If you do, well it's your own fault.
Saginaw M2
Me holding one of the SVDM guns
SVDM display at show
Me w/ other SVDM gun
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The way to hunt
gotta teach the boy right
first timer
M1 stamp
My gun holder
P.E.T.A. can kiss my Ass!